Lavender Aluminum Free Deodorant

Lavender Aluminum Free Deodorant

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Our all natural, aluminum free deodorant actually works! Even in hot sticky climates your underarms will smell like, well, nothing but fresh lavender essential oil.

Can you imagine? So many natural products just simply don't do the job. We know you're going to love it! This is not an antiperspirant, as it is actually healthy for your body to sweat. But you can be assured that you won't smell those nasty toxins!

Our deodorants are made in small batches and hand poured into a sleek biodegradable deodorant container with a push up applicator.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, arrowroot powder, sodium bicarbonate, candelilla wax, lavender essential oil. Each deodorant is in a 3.25 ounce biodegradable container. Store at, or below 92 degrees Fahrenheit. As with most natural products, avoid contact with water and moisture, as this can cause bacterial growth and shorten the shelf life.

Scent : Lavender

Our Story: Hi! We are Mo & Jules, best friends and founders of Hotsy Totsy. We are a vegan soap company based in our home town of Vero Beach, Florida. We create fanciful bath and body care using only the purest ingredients. Doing things the right way is very important to us, which is why we never use any harsh chemicals, parabens or phthalates. We create our beautiful products using organic plant oils, plant milks, clays, botanicals and salts derived from the earth. All of our ingredients come from companies that support sustainable and cruelty free practices that never support animal testing! Our soaps and body products will make your skin feel as good on the outside as you'll feel on the inside; because they're as right as can be, so Hotsy Totsy!

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