About us


Hi! My name is Nohemi and I am the owner of skincare retail shop Kebella.
I genuinely believe that making time for self-care and appreciating our bodies and the journey's we've been on will amplify our innate beauty inside and out.
Personally, I've always struggled with my ideal body image. I felt as if I would never be at a point in life where I'd feel comfortable in my own skin. After a long journey of exploring self-care and building my confidence, I realized that beauty truly is what is on the inside. I realized that my worth is not based on my looks but based on my beliefs and what I put into this world. 
I founded Kebella in 2020 when I was looking for all-natural handmade products for my teenage daughter and myself. As a mother, I was worried about the chemicals in skincare products that could affect my daughter's health. It was then I began to research and seek out clean products that made our skin happy, and radiant without containing harmful chemicals. Soon after, I started my own online retailer store, so that other people like me could have easy access to clean, natural products without having to search for them store by store.

I've spent a lot of time researching and testing all of our products ensuring that they are all natural, additive-free, locally sourced and effective. These are the items included in my collections.
At Kebella we focus on supporting women entrepreneurs and mom's because as a business owner and mom myself, I understand it can be stressful with little time for self-care. We also love to give back! We donate a portion of our sales to Just A Helping Hand, which provides families living in poverty in the country of Honduras, (my home country) essentials needed to survive, such as food and water. When you purchase one of Kebella’s products, not only are you receiving a well-researched, natural, effective product, but you are helping to keep other less fortunate families safe and healthy.
Thank you for visiting our store!
Nohemi I.