Classic Ruby Chocolate Bar❤
Classic Ruby Chocolate Bar❤

Classic Ruby Chocolate Bar❤

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An astonishing pink chocolate! Ruby chocolate is naturally pink and has unique fruity notes.

Enjoy this first new type of chocolate in a century - after the inventions of dark, milk and white chocolates. Ruby chocolate is made from the purple "ruby cocoa" beans, grown in Ecuador and Brazil. 

Our Classic bar was our very first recipe. We want to offer this to all who want a taste or share our new chocolate. 

NOT white chocolate.

NO coloring added.

Ruby Cocoa

This new chocolate comes from rare “ruby cocoa” beans, a gift from nature!

Ruby cocoa gives the chocolate its natural pink color and unique flavor...

“I’ve dropped multiple hints for my significant other to check out Flair”

Take a glamorous break

Close your eyes and feel like the world has stopped for minutes. A journey through your senses that leaves you craving more.

Gift with Flair

Watch loved ones or work colleagues smile when you gift this luxury ruby chocolate bar.

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 Chef's Tasting Notes

Figs with notes of brown sugar, port wine and molasses, complementing nicely the red fruits of the ruby chocolate and bitterness of the dark chocolate. As soon as I tried these figs for the first time, I knew that they had to be in this bar. It was as if I had never tasted a fig before. The texture and flavor pair beautifully with the ruby chocolate.

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