Weary Traveler / Survival Kit
Weary Traveler / Survival Kit
Weary Traveler / Survival Kit

Weary Traveler / Survival Kit

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 1 Ounce Muscle Balm + 1 Ounce Every Little Thing Balm.

This intense healing kit is the perfect traveling companion when you need to relieve a weary body, mind and soul. Our ultra strength Muscle Balm penetrates deep into joints and muscles bringing sweet solace to your journey.

Beautiful earth elements quickly relieve and heal dry, rough, tired, chapped areas bringing renewed harmony. Survive all your adventures!

Use it anywhere to heal dry, cracked skin, and restore moisture. It works miracles when it comes to relieving painful, dry patches.

Size: 1 oz.

FORMULA: Bentonite clay,avocado oil,sweet almond oil,sesame seed oil,kukui nut oil,castor oil,shea butter,mango butter,jojoba oil,cocoa butter,olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax,vitamin E T-50. Essential oils of peppermint,camphor, lavender ,tea tree,lemon,ginger,juniper berry,rosemary, cinnamon, wintergreen,eucalyptus,black pepper,clove bud, birch,arnica,galbanum.


Naturally Gluten Free / No Animal Testing / Made In The USA